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junior champions

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


The Global Citizenship Junior Champions is a joint initiative by Mission 4.7, the Ban Ki-moon Foundation, and Center for Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute, Columbia University. Its purpose is to inspire young people - like YOU - to drive transformational change as GLOBAL CITIZENS guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. 🌟 

Mission 4.7 - a crucial initiative aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals - aims to advance transformative education, including global citizenship education and education for sustainable development, through partnerships around the world.


Through workshops, research and advocacy efforts,
Global Citizenship Junior Champions – ages 16 - 20 – support Mission 4.7 by educating and mobilizing other emerging and existing leaders,
both in the U.S. and globally.

Bring your vision, ideas and networks to help advance the 2030 Agenda for current and future generations!


Meet our
Junior champions

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